JonahWater: quantitative PCR

JonahWater qPCR helps detect individual species in water

Our JonahWater qPCR services quantifies the abundance of individual species in water.

Each qPCR assay returns data on the absolute abundance of a species’ DNA.

Most useful for small numbers of species, particularly invasive and endangered species.

Our qPCR Process

1. Collect

Collect water and filter through syringe.

Send to Jonah Ventures Lab.

2. Extract

We extract DNA from sample.

3. qPCR

Specific regions of DNA are amplified into amplicons using pairs of primers.

Each primer pair is specific to a taxonomic group. Probes then fluoresce if there are matches to individual species.

4. Cq Value

The amount of fluorescence for each cycle is quantified and the cycles repeated to generate a fluorescence curve.

The Cq value is the number of cycles it takes to detect fluorescence.

5. Calibrate

A calibration curve is used to relate the number of cycles it takes before fluorescence is detected (Cq) and the abundance of specific DNA sequences.

6. Calculate

Together, the Cq values and the calibration curves determine for each sample if the DNA of a species is present in the sample and the number of copies of DNA per mL water.

qPCR Deliverables

qPCR report explained


qPCR Pricing

Minimum number of samples is 10.

Discounts available for large orders. Please contact to discuss.

Same-sample replicates discounted $10

Handling fees for non-standard samples are variable. Please contact.


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