JonahWater: Next Generation Sequencing

JonahWater NGS delivers insight into aquatic ecosystems assemblages

Our JonahWater NGS services answer questions about aquatic assemblages

NGS is useful for quantifying the composition of aquatic assemblages.

NGS taxonomic groups include bacteria, phytoplankton, zooplankton, macroinvertebrates, higher plants, fish, and vertebrates

Our NGS Process

1. Collect

Collect water and filter through syringe.

Send to Jonah Ventures Lab.

2. Extract

We extract DNA from sample.

3. Amplify

Specific regions of DNA are amplified into ampliconsusing pairs of primers.

Each primer pair is specific to a broad taxonomic group.

4. Index

Short, unique segments of DNA are attached to each amplicon to index from which sample it originated.

5. Pool

Indexed amplicons from multiple samples are pooled together

6. Sequence

Amplicons are sequenced

7. Bioinformatics

Data from sequencer is bioinformatically processed to identify groups of similar sequences called OTUs.

8. Identify

OTUs are matched against a reference database to identify the species each OTU represents.

Example NGS Data

NGS excels at quantifying the relative abundance of species in an assemblage. Shown here are data on the proportions of different phytoplankton species from the length of the Potomac River. For each sample, approximately 100 mL of water were filtered. After collecting we then sequenced the filtered DNA using primers specific to all phytoplankton.Top four taxa are shown.

The phytoplankton assemblage was dominated by diatoms (Bacillariophyta), but different taxa dominated different regions. We also quantified abundances of cyanobacteria, chlorophytes, and eustigmatophyte. The patterns observed in the Potomac showed clear patterns of the effects of river size and eutrophication.

Whether it is for quantifying changes in assemblages over time, detecting invasive species, or comparing assemblages across sites, we can reconstruct the abundances of aquatic organisms using our JonahWater services.

Our Standard Deliverables

NGS Report Explained

NGS Pricing

Orders of <25 samples require an additional fee of $150 for bioinformatics setup per taxonomic group

Discounts available for large orders. Please contact to discuss.

If providing extracted DNA, samples are discounted $25/sample.

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