Track Down the Source of Aquatic Bacterial Contamination

JonahWater’s qPCR assays can provide the answers to your source tracking questions

Typical source tracking methods involve looking for host-based bacteria

JonahWater gets right to the source by detecting host DNA in your water body

Using Quantitative PCR, we can search a water sample for human, wildlife, and domestic animal DNA

Our standard source tracking analysis includes six host species (human, poultry, sheep, pig, cattle, and dog) and one indicator species (E. coli)

Other species may be added upon request

Source Tracking Deliverables

Source tracking qPCR results include methods, standard curves of each assay, and detailed results for each assay. Click below to download an example Source Tracking report.

We completed a source tracking pilot study in our own Boulder Creek in Boulder, Colorado.  We observed spikes of human and livestock DNA based on site, which correlated to visual confirmation of these species.


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