After contacting Jonah Ventures, we send customers pre-labeled vials in an insulated shipper. In addition, they receive a spreadsheet that includes the unique sample ID numbers assigned to their samples.

Vials look like this:


Unique fecal or environmental samples should be placed in a vial and then frozen. Vials should be maintained in the provided racks during transit. If you wrap the trays in plastic wrap, that will keep all the vials secure.

Samples can be safely shipped 2-day via UPS or FedEx with (or without) ice packs. Dry ice should not be used.

Ship to:

Amy Beckley
Jonah Ventures
1600 Range Street Suite 201
Boulder, CO 80301
phone: (785) 409-1655

Information regarding the sample should be recorded on the Excel spreadsheet and sent to us electronically. This information is archived and may be used for later diagnostics.