Improve Your Understanding of Plants

JonahPlant delivers insight into the health of plants

Our JonahPlant services answer questions about domestic and wild plants

By sequencing plant material or soil, we quantify pathogens and mutualistic microbes

We sequence the bacteria and fungi of plant microbiomes



JonahPlant helps quantify: 

  • Fungal-like pathogens such as Pythium or Fusarium
  • Bacterial pathogens such as Pseudomonas syringae or Ralstonia solanacearum        
  • Microbial probiotic assemblages in leaves, roots, or seeds

An individual leaf can host this many bacterial taxa

Helping growers avoid major losses due to plant diseases has been incredibly rewarding. The potential to see what has so long been invisible is staggering.
Joe Craine, PhD

Co-Founder, Jonah Ventures

Our Next Generation Sequencing Process

Example Data

Shown here are data on fungal abundance sequenced on plant leaves. In this case, leaves are macerated and the DNA extracted, amplified, and sequenced.

Taxa such as Olpidium brassicae, Botryosphaeriaceae species and Fusarium sp., for example, are all known to be plant pathogens and a potential indicator of developing fungal outbreak in these plants.

Our Standard Deliverables

NGS Report Explained


Orders of <25 samples require an additional fee of $150 for bioinformatics setup per taxonomic group

Discounts available for large orders. Please contact to discuss.

If providing extracted DNA, samples are discounted $25/sample.

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Types of measurements

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