Fecal pollution threatens the health of the public and damages economies. Sewage, effluent, stormwater, agriculture, and wildlife all can contribute fecal bacteria to waters.Fecal coliform bacteria can be quantified with traditional techniques, but not answering the question “Whose E. coliis it?” Determining the source of fecal pollution requires molecular techniques.

In response to requests from clients, we have developed the JonahWater Source Tracking qPanel™: 

•Simultaneously quantify absolute abundance of DNA from 6 vertebrate sources of fecal coliform bacteria
•Directly measures host mitochondrial DNA in water rather than associated bacteria
•Leverages advances in real-time quantitative PCR
•Designed for water managers, public health departments, environmental consultants, and government researchers.
Sampling only takes 5 minutes and results are returned as fast as 72 hours of receipt at the lab.

Our tests have shown that this technique can provide quantification of the absolute amounts of DNA from different potential sources of fecal coliform bacteria in water. 

Feel free to contact us about this new diagnostic capability.