Plants in diet (trnL) $80
Arthropods in diet (COI) $80
Fungi in diet (ITS) $80
Omnivore diet $135 (2 items); $180 (3 items)
Fecal microbiome (bacterial 16S) $80

Environmental DNA

Pollen or plant DNA in honey $85
Terrestrial environmental plant DNA (e.g. dust) $85

Aquatic Environmental DNA

Prices based on provision of filters. Currently sequence for fish, arthropods, or phytoplankton. Other taxonomic groups are possible. Call to discuss.

One taxonomic group $85
Two taxonomic groups $135
Three taxonomic groups $185

Other fees

Custom sequencing for library $35
Deep sequencing fee $1500.
International permit fee $150
Custom bioinformatics $150/hour.
Custom grinding $5/sample.

Costs are based on fees per sample.

Currently, a minimum of 25 samples is required per order.

Contact us regarding exploratory work.

*Prices are subject to vary. Please contact us for a quote.