How to Sample Water

Standard Syringe Filtering

BaleenTM Filtering

Jonah Ventures offers two primary modes of filtering water. We always recommend filtering water until the filter clogs – this volume differs depending on the body of water. Most locations will require less than 1 L of water. For these small volumes, our standard syringe filter setup works great. In more oligotrophic areas where liters of water may be necessary to filter we recommend using our Baleen TM eDNA Filtering System.

Standard Syringe Filtering

BaleenTM Filtering

We always recommend filtering water until the filter is clogged. In turbid or eutrophic systems, this is usually less than 100mL. However, more oligotrophic water can take several liters of water to collect an adequate amount of DNA. Since this is not feasible with our syringe filtering system, we developed the BaleenTM bag filtering system to filter large volumes of water quickly and hands free.

Sampling Assistance

Need to take samples from an inaccessible location? Jonah Ventures has recently tested the use of a drone for getting more difficult surface grabs. Take a look at our drone in action here!

Do you have a lot of small volume samples? A caulk gun is a simple solution to make filtering water a bit easier on your hands. Simply place the syringe at the end of the caulk gun and start filtering!

Other Options

Want to use a non-Jonah associated filtering system? No problem! There are other companies that provide filtering systems that may work best for your sampling process. The Smith-Root eDNA sampler can be a great option for eDNA sampling. Take a look at their products using the link below. Please note that Jonah Ventures has a $5/sample surcharge for non-Jonah filters.

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