Protocol for eDNA sampling

Jonah Ventures, LLC

August 12, 2017

Our stream eDNA sampling kit contains everything you need to sample water for eDNA.

  • Record the serial number on the barcode of the specimen cup along with any site information for your personal records. The serial number is the key to matching up your data with any other information you might have.
  • Open the specimen cup and remove the syringe filter from the cup. (If two syringe filters were provided, repeat the below process once for each filter and send the two back together. They will serve as replicates).
  • Remove the syringe from its packaging.
  • Suck up ~60 mL of water from your site into the syringe. Make sure the syringe filter is NOT attached to the syringe while you take in water. Generally, point the syringe upstream of yourself, or reach over the side of the vessel to do so. (Note, water can also be sampled at a reasonable distance by using an extension pole, some string, and this.)
  • After you have taken in water into the syringe, attach the syringe filter to the syringe. Then push out water through the syringe. It will be difficult. The pores on the syringe filter membrane are small. To help, you can brace the plunger against a belt buckle, or push down on the syringe while it is braced against the ground or a rock.
  • Continue to push water through the syringe filter until you cannot push any more through. If all 60 mL are pushed through, then remove the syringe filter, refill the syringe with water, replace the syringe filter, and keep pushing more water through until the filter is clogged with material and no more water can be pushed through. Typically, we can push 50-200 mL of water through the filter, but this depends on the particulate density in the water.
  • After the filtering is complete, place the syringe filter back into the specimen cup with the desiccant, close the lid tightly, and mail the specimen cup back to us. If a preprinted return label was included, apply that to the top of the mailer.

Kits can be mailed to Jonah Ventures; Attn: Amy Beckley; 1600 Range Street Suite 201; Boulder, CO 80301; (785) 409-1655