Protocol for eDNA sampling

Jonah Ventures, LLC

July 5, 2016



  • 1 L Nalgene sampler
  • Swinnex filter holder
  • 1.2 µm pore size 25 mm white nylon net filter (not the blue separating paper).
  • Forceps
  • Jonah barcoded 20 mL Vials
  • Bicycle pump (not included)


Goal: Filter water sample in order to concentrate environmental DNA on filter for eventual analysis



  • Use forceps to load filter into Swinnex if not already loaded. Make sure O-ring is in right position.
  • Attach Swinnex to sampling Nalgene by screwing on to Luer-lock.
  • Flush sampler with local water twice.
  • Fill sampler with water to be sampled. Screw top of Nalgene shut.
  • Attach bicycle pump. Pump air in. Pump 1 L of water out. If clogs, move to next step. If the filter does not clog, the user may filter additional liters of water. Or move to next step.
  • Remove Swinnex. Open and place filter into vial with forceps.
  • Record metadata for sample to link sample information and barcode.
  • Place vial on ice.
  • Clean sampler, Swinnex, and forceps with dilute bleach solution, e.g. soak in 10% bleach solution for 15 minutes followed by flushing/rinsing with distilled water. Let dry and/or flush additional times with local water at next location.


Samples should be kept frozen and then mailed 2-day with ice or overnight to Jonah Ventures:

Jonah Ventures; Attn: Amy Beckley; 1600 Range Street Suite 201; Boulder, CO 80301; (785) 409-1655