Here at Jonah Ventures, we provide a complete lesson plan to incorporate eDNA into your classroom curriculum

Our Jonah Ventures lesson plan is tailored for 8th grade to college level students.

This lesson plan works best when accompanied by our JonahWater or JonahAnimal test kits.

The educational material combined with the test kit provides real-world metabarcoding analysis of a water body or animal diet, and applies it to classroom learning!

Our lesson plan includes:

Lesson Slides

Hands-on Activity

Follow-up Questions

Student Worksheet

Key Words

Teacher Instructions

Lesson Plan Objectives
  • The students will understand what eDNA is and how it is used
  • The students will learn the laboratory process from eDNA collection to data analysis
  • The students will learn how primers work and be able to replicate the PCR process
  • The students will understand Next Generation Sequencing
  • The students will gain the ability to think critically about eDNA ecological applications.

Our lesson slides include interesting, easy-to-follow graphics to help students visualize complex topics relating to PCR, Next Generation Sequencing, and data analysis.

Our educational, hands-on activity reinforces what students learn from the lesson slides and, using eDNA, they will reconstruct a classroom fish assemblage or bison diet.

Herbivore Diet Reconstruction

Lesson Plan

Hands-on Activity

Though you can utilize the lesson plan with or without it, our diet reconstruction curriculum is best accompanied by our JonahAnimal diet kit. Apply classroom curriculum to real scientific methods! When you receive the kit, collect a fecal sample and allow the class to speculate as to what we might find based on the species it came from and where you are located geographically. We will send you a list of the relative abundance of each food item in the feces. When you get the results, go through them with the class. Did we find anything unexpected?

Fish Assemblage Reconstruction

The aquatic reconstruction lesson plan is best accompanied by the JonahWater environmental DNA kit. Take your class to a nearby water body, collect and filter a water sample, send it to us, and apply real-world science to in-classroom learning!  Build off of what they learn in the lesson plan by using the results from the kit to teach students about the fish and algae species in their area and allow us to reconstruct your local aquatic community! It is recommended that you collect the water sample at the beginning of a semester/quarter to allow for processing time.

The JonahWater kit also comes with access to our JonahWater Data Portal, where you can see a list of the fish species and the relative abundance of algae in your water body. Your class can also explore the data collected by scientists and other students across the country!

This lesson plan is best suited for science-based classes, such as biology, ecology, conservation, and zoology. Please contact us with any questions for how you can fit it into your classroom curriculum.

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