Detect Plant Pathogens in Cannabis

Quickly sample and detect plant viroids 

Our kits use isothermal reactions to rapidly identify the presence of plant viruses. We also offer in-lab analyses for bacteria, fungi and other organisms of concern.

Why a JonahPlant QuickTest?

Undetected plant pathogens can have devastating impacts for growers. Pathogens spread easily both through touch and through cloning, making it possible for one infected plant to cause thousands of dollars of crop loss. To avoid crop loss it is essential that pathogens such as hop latent viroid (HLVd) are detected early and action be taken quickly. Our HLVd testing kits deliver results in as little as 30 minutes. These simple-to-use tests can be utilized by growers in the field without the time and expense of shipping samples to a lab. 

We are the creators of the first rapid test for cannabis viroids

Plants Tested

QuickTest Equipment Kit

The JonahPlant QuickTest contains all the necessary equipment and tools for our isothermal reaction kits, including a practice reaction to ensure confidence in kit use.


Kit Contains:

Scissors (qty 1)
Forceps (qty 1)
Incubator (qty 1)
Tube rack (qty 1)

Practice sample kit (qty 1)


QuickTest HLVd Assay Kit

This kit contains the necessary consumables for 24 HLVd tests. Step-by-step instructions are also provided.


Kit Contains: 

20 ML Vial with Beads and Extractant (qty 24)
1.5 ML Tubes with Lyophilized Reaction (qty 24)
Large Transfer Pipette (qty 24)
Small Transfer Pipette (qty 24)

Dilution Buffer (qty 1)
Test Strips (qty 24)

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