JonahWater aquatic eDNA kits

Reveal the hidden world of algae and fish in your water

Our JonahWater aquatic eDNA kits will be made available to citizens, managers, and scientists across the country

The kits will provide a simple, quick, and inexpensive way to survey aquatic biodiversity and assess water quality

Currently, these kits are available for beta testing. Each participant will receive their own JonahWater kit to test as well as access to the JonahWater mobile app and data portal

Participants are asked to sample water according to the provided instructions, record meta-data, and send in the kit to the Jonah Ventures lab

Samples will be analyzed for phytoplankton and fish DNA via Next Generation Sequencing

Additional analyses are available by request

Results will be made available in 4-6 weeks

The Jonah Ventures team is excited to offer this simple kit for sampling environmental DNA. It truly has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of aquatic biodiversity and water quality.

Joe Craine, PhD

Co-Founder, Jonah Ventures


What will I receive if I participate?

Each participant will receive a JonahWater aquatic eDNA kit mailed to their address. It will contain all necessary materials to sample and filter water as well as a postage-paid return envelope.

Am I guaranteed a kit if I sign up here?

We cannot guarantee that all volunteers will receive a kit. We have a limited number of kits that we can send out at this point.

Are there any costs?

There are no costs to the participant. The kits are free and all postage is included.

How will I get to see my data?

All data will be returned via the JonahWater data portal. Users will receive an email when their data are ready to be viewed.

Do I need Android or iOS?

Participants will need to download a mobile app. It will be available in both Android and iOS.

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