IMG_8762We were running a pilot project the other day that required us to take 20 aquatic eDNA samples from the same site. The goal of the project is to look at species accumulation curves as we sample more and more water.

The project requires pushing water through our filters again and again.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. After about 8 samples, a new invention  was necessitated. That was starting to hurt.

It turns out that a simple, modified 12″ bar clamp works great. A hole was drilled in one end to hold the end of the syringe filter. That was all the modification necessary.

Our tests have shown that when we push by hand, we can generate ~30 pounds per square inch of pressure. After you hit that point, it’s hard to even push air through the filter.

The bar clamp had no problem with this. Occasionally, there would be a little deformation in the syringe, but that’s not a worry.

Not all inventions are the most technical, but this one will surely help future sampling.