Detect organisms in the air with our JonahAir AirDNA filters

Sample, analyze, and detect fungus, bacteria, and more

The JonahAir sampling system allows for the collection of airborne environmental DNA in a variety of environments. With the JonahAir system, air is pulled through a filter over a 24 hour period before the filter is shipped back to Jonah Ventures for processing. 

JonahAir can be used


In your home to detect bacteria and mold


Outdoors to identify organisms of interest


In and around your greenhouse to detect plant disease and pests

Portable Options for Field Sampling

Tree Attachment

Tripod Attachment

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Collecting and sequencing DNA from air is still a developing field, but scientists at Jonah Ventures have years of research experience on air DNA. Our new AirDNA collection system makes deployment simple in both indoor and outdoor environments. High airflow ensures adequate DNA collection in as little as one hour. Filters can be analyzed for bacteria, fungi, pollen, or animals. Contact us to discuss your project.

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