Advancing ecological understanding
with environmental DNA

Jonah Ventures is a dedicated environmental DNA laboratory. We apply the latest DNA sequencing technology to quantify DNA in the environment. Using quantitative PCR and metabarcoding, we help clients answer questions about the health of aquatic ecosystems, the ecology of animals, the performance of plants and many other applications. We founded Jonah Ventures to make these techniques available to a wide variety of scientists without compromising on transparency or rigor.


Aquatic eDNA can be applied to biomonitoring, aquatic assemblage reconstruction, rare or invasive species detection, and fecal source tracking. By collecting and analyzing the DNA present in water with Next Generation Sequencing or qPCR we can create accurate ecological snapshots to help protect aquatic resources.


Analyzing animal diet with metabarcoding helps answer questions about livestock and wildlife. We can use this process to quantify the diet of herbivores, omnivores, and predators as well as detect parasites and quantify microbiomes. We can also analyze honey and pollen to identify and quantify the plants utilized by bees.


Detect plant disease and identify beneficial microbes by sequencing plant material, water, or growth media. Using these unique and accurate methods of disease detection can help growers avoid major crop losses.


AirDNA has a wide range of applications. Use JonahAir filters in the home to detect allergens and pests such as mold, dust mites, and insects. AirDNA can also be utilized for detecting target organisms in the environment or in greenhouses to detect pests and other nuisance organisms. 


We use metabarcoding to identify the species of pollen in honey and pollen samples. By sequencing the plant DNA in these samples we can determine country of origin, truth in labeling, analyze forensics, pollen and health, and assist in research and beekeeper education.


On a case by case basis, Jonah Ventures can assist in legal procedures. We perform analyses to assist in case development and can provide expert testimony regarding a variety of DNA analyses. Please reach out to us to learn more.

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