Advancing ecological understanding
with environmental DNA


ecological understanding

with environmental DNA

At Jonah Ventures, we apply the latest DNA sequencing technology to quantify DNA in the environment. Using quantitative PCR and Next Generation Sequencing, we help clients answer questions about the health of aquatic ecosystems, the ecology of animals, and the performance of plants. We founded Jonah Ventures to make these techniques available to others without compromising on transparency or rigor.



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Launching source tracking qPanel

Fecal pollution threatens the health of the public and damages economies. Sewage, effluent, stormwater, agriculture, and wildlife all can contribute fecal bacteria to waters.Fecal coliform bacteria can be quantified with traditional techniques, but not answering the...

Bioinformatic denoising

After our scientists receive samples, extract, amplify, clean and sequence DNA, our work is about half done. The bioinformatic processing of the millions of sequences from samples is likely the most difficult part of the process. Millions of sequences need to be...

New phytoplankton closed reference database

One of Jonah's advances in helping clients with metabarcoding was to develop a closed reference database for higher plants to aid in long-term continuity of data. In essence, we permanently assign a consensus sequence to a unique OTU ID. That way, we have continuity...

Sequencing raptor diet

On the diet side, we have reconstructed diets for a number of birds for clients. We've looked at what insects and plants prairie chickens eat. We've quantified the plants that geese in Alaska eat. We've looked at the insects and other invertebrates that shorebirds and...

Is aquatic eDNA ready?

A short note here to share our thinking around the office and lab... Here, at Jonah Ventures we’ve spent a fair amount of resources working to understand how to apply next generation sequencing technology to aquatic environmental DNA. Speaking non-technically for now,...

An aid to help sample water

We were running a pilot project the other day that required us to take 20 aquatic eDNA samples from the same site. The goal of the project is to look at species accumulation curves as we sample more and more water. The project requires pushing water through our...
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